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    Dive into the world of Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- with these songs from the animated TV series.
  • Vivy
    The world’s first autonomous humanoid AI. Her mission is to bring happiness to everyone with her heartfelt singing. As an AI songstress who serves humanity, she values the importance of promises and emotions.
  • Estella
    An AI employee at the Sunrise space hotel, which is located in orbit around Earth. She is programmed to be a caretaker for her human guests. She is courteous, caring, and friendly.
  • Elizabeth
    An AI that was originally created as Estella's twin sister but was disposed of after being used in a series of experiments. She was later taken in by the anti-AI group Toak, where she learned how to fight. She is her sister's opposite, having become extremely aggressive.
  • Grace
    An AI nurse that works at hospitals and research institutions. Her purpose is to protect human life in her work as a nurse. She is a kind angel in white, always smiling, and ever gentle and reassuring with her patients.
  • Ophelia
    An AI singer who performs at small theaters around the world. Her primary programming is the same as Vivy’s, which is to make everyone happy with her singing. In her daily life she can be a little shy and clumsy, but when she gets on stage to sing, she always delivers a powerful performance.
  • General-purpose Songstress AI