Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-


    • NiaLand

      NiaLand is an AI theme park that blends hopes, dreams, and science. The world's first AI singer, Diva, and many other AI cast members work there.

    • AI Naming Law

      A law that would grant AIs individual names and human rights. If this law passes, it will lead to further advancements in AI technology, which will trigger the Singularity Project.

    • Singularity Project

      In the next century of AI history, there are several turning points that must be corrected, or by its end, war will break out between AI and humans, likely leading to humanity’s extinction. This project, which aims to ensure a better future, was given its codename by the professor who created Matsumoto.

    • Toak

      An anti-AI terrorist group that is plotting to kill Assemblyman Aikawa, who is an advocate for the AI Naming Law.

    • Logical Bullet

      An anti-AI bullet containing a virus capable of destroying security systems, which are also known as walls.

    • Arayashiki

      The radio tower built by AI industrial giant OGC that makes wireless communications possible between AI around the world. According to Matsumoto, in one hundred years, the tower will become so tall that the top will no longer be visible from the ground. The height of the tower is considered to be a measure of the advancements in AI technology.

    • Singularity Points

      Turning points in the next century of AI history that must be corrected in order to prevent a coming war that will see AI wipe out all human life.

    • Sunrise

      A hotel in outer space, currently owned by Estella. According to Matsumoto, a defect in Estella will cause her to crash the Sunrise hotel into Earth. In AI history, this is called the Sun-Crash Incident.

    • The Sisters

      A series of AI models with beautiful voices who are direct successors of Vivy.

    • Combat Program

      An anti-personnel combat program. The combat program installed on Elizabeth has been adjusted to include Toak's directives.

    • Same Model Type

      AIs constructed with the same parts and program. Estella and Elizabeth are Same Model Types.

    • Metal Float

      The world's first AI-operated unmanned offshore plant that ceaselessly produces AI components and circuits. It specializes in building parts for autonomous AIs.

    • Liquid Storage

      A storage device that contains a program that will shut down all operations on the island. It is shaped like a spider.

    • Civil Engineering AI

      As the name suggests, an AI that specializes in civil engineering, with a simple design that is suited for construction work.

    • Rewriting of Mission

      Grace’s mission was rewritten and was chosen to become the Metal Float's core, due to Estella's accomplishment of minimizing the damages of the Sun-Crash Incident. It was an exception that bent the absolute rule of “one mission per AI,” but also due to Dr. Saeki’s actions, it led to Metal Float going out of control.

    • Zodiac Signs Festival

      A musical celebration featuring 12 songstress AIs chosen from around the globe.

    • Support AI

      As the name suggests, they are AIs that support humans or other AIs that they are assigned to. They are also called partner AI. As for Antonio, he is an AI that manages the sound and lighting for Ophelia's stage performances.

    • AI personality

      The personality traits of each AI are formed when the positronic brain of the AI is first activated, but the inner workings of this process are still unknown. Two AIs with the same mission are often reported to have different personality traits. It is extremely difficult to completely replicate the positronic brain of each AI, and even if the data of an AI is copied to another, it is impossible to say that they will be identical.

    • Overwriting of AI personality

      Antonio overwrote Ophelia's personality with his own data in order to take control over her body. Normally it is extremely difficult for an AI to overwrite the personality of another, but Antonio's deep understanding of Ophelia made it possible. He was able to perfectly imitate Ophelia’s behavior and no one was able to recognize that someone had taken control over her.

    • Human body mechanization technology

      Yugo Kakitani had his memories and personality transplanted into an AI. The technology used to mechanize the human body except for the brain has been perfected, but the process of mechanizing the whole body including the brain as Kakitani attempted is still being studied. It is unknown how Kakitani was able to pull this off technologically, but he said that it was made possible because he had a “revelation.”

    • Sleep Mode

      The state of hibernation that an AI goes into in order to save energy until it engages in the next mission. It is sometimes called “napping” since it looks like the AI is sleeping.

    • AI Museum

      A museum which displays AI artifacts with significant historical value. The songstress AI, Diva, has been donated to the museum, and her duty is to be on exhibit as the world’s first autonomous humanoid AI.

    • Jamming Device

      An ECM (electronic countermeasure) device used by Toak to block the movements of AI.

    • Clone

      An AI with data transferred from the original AI. The clone has the same memories and settings as the original, but is not completely identical, and is considered a separate AI.

    • Archive

      The name given to the comprehensive AI database. It stores the memories of all AI, and everyday countless computational logs are being accumulated here. It initially did not have the capacity to make judgments on its own like other AI, but it gained its own personality after computing the logs of multitudes of AI. After interpreting its own mission, it decided to start the war between humans and AI.

    • Matsumoto's Separate Entity

      Even one hundred years later, Matsumoto has the highest specs among all AIs. His complete data was saved within the Archive then copied and utilized to protect Arayashiki. However, Matsumoto's unique personality as an AI was not reproduced, so it is not as talkative.

    • Final time travel

      The final opportunity for Vivy to carry out the Singularity Project was planned by Matsumoto and Dr. Matsumoto. In Episode 1, only Matsumoto's program was sent into the past, but in order to send all of Vivy's memories from the past one hundred years, she can only go back to the moment when the war between humans and AI began. She cannot go to save Dr. Matsumoto, so there is only one last chance to go back in time.

    • Termination program

      Archive gave Vivy a termination program which is activated by Vivy's voice to stop the actions of AIs. During the one hundred-year journey, Vivy was the only AI that gained the ability to use her own creativity, so Archive granted this program to her to save humanity.

    • Fluorite Eye's Song

      A song about Vivy and Matsumoto's one hundred year-journey and the Singularity Project. It is also the answer to Vivy's quest to be able to put her heart into her singing.

    • Night view of NiaLand and surrounding area
    • Memorial monument
    • Night view from the surrounding buildings
    • View from Sunrise Hotel
    • Vivy's Room
    • Sunrise Control Room
    • OGC Research Lab
    • View of Earth's surface from evacuation ship
    • Ancient church
    • Saeki's safe house
    • Metal Float pier
    • Hospital courtyard
    • Metal Float Main Tower
    • Shrine inside of church
    • Rooftop garden
    • Main Stage
    • Toto Dome
    • Stage in small theater
    • Seats at Toto Dome Main Stage
    • Toto Dome exhibit hall
    • Empty properties
    • Diva's archive
    • Diva Display Room
    • Bay area
    • Arayashiki's core
    • A place with a sense of nostalgia