Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-



Cast Interview Vol.7
Ophelia: Rina Hidaka

――How did you feel after first reading the script?
I received the scripts for all the episodes before we started recording. I was surprised when I heard that they would be portraying the one hundred-year journey of an AI in a single season, but I felt that the story was both epic and subtle at the same time, with a lot of unexpected twists and turns… Before I knew it, I was completely captivated by the world of Vivy. The technological advancements in artificial intelligence have made a lot of things convenient in our lives, so the incidents depicted in the series could very well become reality in the near future…so working on the show made me think a lot about AI. It's unfair how they end each scene though! They make you anticipate the next episode so much! (Laughs)
――Please describe your first impression of your character, Ophelia. What was it like actually playing this character?
I first saw Ophelia at my audition. In the materials I received, I remember seeing how her bangs covered her eyes and how her costume looked, but what stuck out to me most was that it said that she was an AI who would commit suicide in the story, so I thought that she would be a character with a darker side. She's the youngest of the Sisters, and the more I got to know the character, I found that she has a clumsy and cute side, which changed my perception of her.
――Was there anything you were especially conscious of when you were voicing Ophelia, or were there any challenges?
There weren't that many scenes where Ophelia was her normal self, but she's a hard worker and kindhearted. Ophelia understands that Antonio is strict with her because he truly cares about her. She's a wonderful girl, so I hope we get to see more scenes about her past, and I hope I get to play more of her.
――What were your thoughts on the character of Antonio? Did you exchange any ideas with Rikiya Koyama, who played Antonio?
I didn't know who would be playing Antonio until right before the recording session, so I was surprised to find out it was Mr. Rikiya. I couldn't imagine how he would play Ophelia's voice in some of the scenes! (Laughs) When we were recording the final scenes for Episode 8, during our break, I asked Mr. Rikiya to say his lines so I could study his phrasing. I was nervous about saying those lines in front of him, but after my recording he said I did a great job, which made me so happy! On a personal note, Mr. Rikiya and I often play roles together on shows where one of us is a parent and the other is a child. He's a senpai that I love to work and he's so friendly and easy to talk to.
――Can you tell us about anything memorable that happened during the recording?
There weren't that many cast members for Vivy, so we were able to play off of each other's lines in the scenes where the characters had interactions. It made me realize again how much I love acting! Due to the pandemic, we were always careful about the safety precautions during our breaks, but the recording sessions were so fun, and I was able to talk about the show and the characters with the staff and cast.
――What is your impression from watching the show? Tell us about your favorite scenes and if you found any lines that were particularly memorable.
My favorite scene is right before the ending of Episode 8, where my voice fades into Mr. Rikiya's voice when we say the line “I am Antonio.” In the script, it was originally only going to be Mr. Rikiya who would say that line. However, during the session, I really got into my acting, and I ended up saying this line… (Laughs) Then the staff said, “Let's have you record this line too!” When I saw the show, I noticed that they faded my voice into Mr. Rikiya's voice! I got goosebumps when I saw that, and it made me so happy!
――What should we keep an eye on in Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song-, and what are the highlights we can look forward to in the upcoming episodes?
I wanted to be able to enjoy the show as a fan, so I purposely didn't read the script for the upcoming episodes. So I'm just like everyone else, waiting in anticipation to see what's going to happen! (Laughs) The dramatic script, the beautiful animation, music, and acting are all highlights, so I can't say that one element of Vivy is the highlight. Each person is going to feel differently about this show and have different interpretations of the story. When you change your perspective while watching this show, you'll discover and start to see different things. So it's a show that you can watch multiple times and still enjoy it.
――What is your impression of Vivy and Matsumoto?
Vivy and Matsumoto have a really interesting relationship. In the beginning, Matsumoto has the upper hand in the relationship, but from Episode 7 their roles get reversed, which throws him off balance. That was refreshing to see. Vivy and Matsumoto are both complex characters in their own ways, but Ms. Tanezaki and Mr. Fukuyama played them so well, that I had a lot to learn from them during the recording sessions and while watching the show.
――Finally, how about a message for our viewers?
I'm sure that everyone is getting antsy to know what's going to happen next in the story, right? Don't worry! I feel the same way! (Laughs) Please watch the show until the finale to find out what happens with Vivy and Matsumoto, and how their one hundred-year journey ends. Let's all watch it together!